Disrupting Diagnostics!

Much has been said pro and con about the potential and actual effectiveness of consumer health technologies. Recently a study from Stanford only adds to the debate and suggests that these tools can help accomplish what was previously believed by many to be impossible – diagnosing sickness, before you are actually…sick!! A Stanford geneticist, Michael Snyder, was recently wearing several sensors when he noticed changes in his heart rate and oxygen levels while on a flight. When he later developed a fever, he suspected that he had been infected with Lyme Disease. Doctor’s later confirmed his suspicion! Snyder later collected over 2 billion measurements from 60 patients wearing and using sensors and was able to document that this information could help lead to diagnoses much earlier than previously possible. Perhaps, one day, we will be able to predict wellness as well as we may be able to predict disease! Checkmate!   To Learn More click here.

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