Welcome to the DiverseIT Blog. A Blog all about Innovation, Diversity, Technology and Health. Why a blog about these topics? Because in this country we have about 400,000 primary care doctors, about 2.6 million nurses and less than 6000 hospitals and health centers that are increasingly responsible for the health of a rapidly growing population of over 320 million people who are ageing fast, becoming much more diverse, seeking health sometimes at all costs and increasingly relying on technology. It is also because the current healthcare system is not able to keep everyone healthy, costs continue to rise unsustainably and no one seems to have the answer to the question of just exactly how are we going to improve health among an aging and increasingly diverse nation without a greater reliance on innovations in health technology. So let’s talk about it. This is a blog about solutions, not only the problems. So join the conversation and together, we just might change the world!

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